The attorneys at INTERLEX Advokater participate in board of directors’ work in commercial enterprises, financial institutions and organisations. Experience from our board of directors’ work means we are able to provide legal counselling in a way that is different from traditional client-solicitor collaboration.

We regard it as important that participation in the board of director’s work does not simply mean we are present at the meetings, but that we also are active participants in your company matters. By having an in-depth knowledge of the entire company, we can in addition to checking, following up and being critical, we can also help to develop and plan your company’s future. Our experience enables us to exchange and sound out ideas on many fronts – also when it concerns growth initiatives.

For us it is important that the board of directors’ work contributes to ensuring that the company is perceived as being professional and credible by the outside world, among customers, partners and employees.

Our experience shows that it is not solely the professional competencies of the individual members of the board of directors that contributes to the company’s development. It is equally important that there is the right chemistry and relationship in place within the board of directors and the management.

INTERLEX Advokater contributes to ensure that the individual board of directors finds the necessary competences, which match the challenges faced by the individual company in the short term and in the long term.

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