“We believe every case is urgent.”

We know that attorneys are always involved for a reason. We always treat inquiries with deep seriousness and always respect that for the client, every case is urgent, even if the case is not legally urgent. The acute need for legal guidance and clarification does not just arise during office hours. This is why we believe in closeness and accessibility.

Team Corporate and Commercial at INTERLEX Advokater, is made up of specialists who are solely involved in legal matters related to running a business. With an in-depth knowledge of company law and extensive business acumen, we interact with all clients as equals, with sound insight into the business world.

But our goal is that we shall not only provide legal counsel – we will take it further: a partner who sounds out and exchanges ideas, who provides strategic, dynamic and creative input that creates value for your company.

We have sat on both sides of the table when it comes to establishing companies, when companies are acquired or when employees must be let go. This means that we know that there is no one single solution, but that in fact there are many options, depending on the involved parties’ backgrounds, wishes and needs.

This is why we provide counselling that extends beyond legal matters. We act as a partner who sounds out and exchanges ideas with strategic, dynamic and creative input that creates value for your company. Commercial insight means we also have financial insight. We tailor our handling of the case to meet specific needs, and we therefore are always responsible for our solutions, which are both legally correct and financially secure.

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8000 Aarhus C

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