Legal matters are just a fraction of our working day.

At INTERLEX Advokater, we are more than just legal experts. As owner-managers, we personally know what it is to operate a business. This is why we also know from experience that professionalism is not just about being professional.

Team Insolvency at INTERLEX Advokater is a market leader with a professionally strong profile and many years of experience in dealing with insolvency cases at all levels – from the assessment of major bankruptcy estates to reconstruction of the small one-man business.

Insolvency cases are often characterised by significant time constraints but require a calm and professional overview to find the correct solution, not just to put out the fire here and now, but in finding the solution that has the greatest value in the long term. We have the necessary specialist knowledge, a large network of financial companies and a broad range of additional in-house competencies.

When we counsel creditors and financial institutions via our efficient recovery procedure and estate processing, we ensure that creditors receive as much as possible of the amounts owed. It is not just for the sake of money, but because we see our main objective is to get the best possible outcome from a bad situation.

When we counsel failing companies, we know that it requires a creative approach and business acumen to see the possibilities that others fail to see. At the same time, we are realistic and do not make false promises if it is best to draw a line in the sand and look at alternative possibilities.

Learn more about Team Insolvency’s work areas below.

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