Our relationships with our clients never cease

Our combination of professionalism and the personal makes us the best partner. We have the experience, regardless of how long a period of time passes between cases – our relationships with our clients never cease.

Team Agriculture at INTERLEX Advokater is one of the country’s leading agriculture legal teams, dedicated to fighting for the interests of agriculture, regardless of the challenges that you face as a farmer or landowner. And we not only solve cases on the basis of applicable understanding of the law, we have on several occasions helped to change established law and legislation through our cases.

Our Team Agriculture is made up of four specialist agriculture attorneys, who work in a close-knit team with sharp focus on knowledge sharing, exchange of experience and constant further development of our competencies – all with the aim of being able to provide our clients with the best possible legal counselling in every situation.

If you face a generational change, or sale or purchase of agricultural property, there are many factors that require thorough consideration.

At INTERLEX Advokater, we have extensive specialist experience in agricultural legal factors and company structures and can therefore counsel you through the entire process, from the initial thinking until the agricultural enterprise is transferred.

At INTERLEX Advokater we can work with you to prepare a development plan, including provide legal counselling about the taxation aspects and the contractual and legal matters concerning your enterprise, which must be in place before any transfer takes place.

Learn more about Team Agriculture’s work areas below.

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