At INTERLEX Advokater, we build bridges between the law and business because we believe that the best counselling, security and confidence is found between the paragraphs and the law in understanding your business. In Latin, it is called inter lex. In everyday language, we call it professional legal counselling with personal focus.

The key to providing you with the best legal solution is found in our understanding of the commercial and personal aspects – for you, your situation and your business. Because understanding promotes professionalism. When we understand each other, we have the strongest basis for a long-term relationship and value-creating legal counselling.

We are 50 dedicated and ambitious employees with special competencies in four key areas – commercial law, agriculture, property and insolvency. By choosing these four key areas, we cover the most central legal challenges that our clients face.

Obligated to be loyal

At INTERLEX Advokater, we are loyal legal counsellors. This is not just mere words. It is something we are committed to. Therefore, our engagement and interest in our clients’ businesses applies during times of crisis when circumstances are urgent, and during smooth periods, when the basis for freeing tomorrow’s potential is made.

When we say we are loyal, it also means that we are honest and we expect the same from our clients. A collaboration that creates value is above all, one that is built on trust, and our clients can therefore always depend on legal counselling from us that is based on credible assessments.

Legal matters are just a fraction of your working day
At INTERLEX Advokater, we are more than just legal experts. As owner-managers, we personally know what it is to operate a business. This is why we also know from experience that professionalism is not just about being professional.

We understand that business is also feelings, and behind every company, there is a private individual. We understand that your legal case and your inquiry made to us is only a fraction of your working day. Therefore, we bear the burden and the problems on our shoulders, so that you can focus on the rest of your working day, secure in the knowledge that the case is in good hands.

Every case is an urgent case

We know that attorneys are always involved for a reason. We always treat inquiries with deep seriousness, and always respect that for the client, every case is urgent, even if the case is not legally urgent.

The essential need for legal guidance and clarification does not just arise during office hours. This is why we believe in closeness and accessibility. As reliable legal counsellors, we are accessible when the need arises, and we have the professionalism required to make a fast assessment of the case, which can provide you with peace of mind.

Law is a dynamic field

Law is not mathematics. Law is not static. Law follows the rest of the world’s development and is therefore both dynamic and under constant change. New laws are passed, while old laws become obsolete, and are removed from the statute book. INTERLEX Advokater takes pride in challenging the legislation and contributes to the development that shapes the society of tomorrow. This is not mere words: we have changed established law through our cases on several occasions.

A way to the best solution

At INTERLEX Advokater, we know our capabilities; ee know every inch of our respective key areas, but we also now our limitations. This is why we also know that we can achieve much more when we collaborate with our colleagues and with our clients. Our professional pride requires that we never compromise and only deliver optimal solutions, and our strong tradition of collaboration ensures that we always put the correct team together with the best employees for precisely your case.

For us, quality and the client’s success is not just the most important goal. It is the only goal. This is why we are not afraid to give a task to external partners in our network if they provide the necessary service, which lies outside of our own key competencies. We always have access to the best legal counselling – including when it comes from a partner.

Professional expertise is an indisputable quality

At INTERLEX Advokater, our high level of professionalism is indisputable. From legal counselling and process, to dialogue, out-of-court reconciliation or putting out fires. We deal with the case and organise the best solution. This applies to both ongoing and dynamic legal counselling over time, and isolated, proactive legal counselling, when you or your business faces radical change.

If you find yourself involved in a dispute, we have the competencies and empathy to create dialogue and find a solution. Regardless of whether the solution should be found through an extra judicial action or though the courts, we have the resources, experience and professionalism to carry out the assignment and ensure you get the best outcome.

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