The law continues to become more complex, and the number of existing laws and executive orders are steadily increasing.

As one of Denmark’s medium-sized legal practices, we have dealt with the consequences of this development, and focussed our competencies within commercial and public sector work areas.

Regardless of whether you come from a small or large Danish or foreign company, are listed on the stock exchange, are the company owner or the representative from a private or public sector business, we have the key competencies that can help you to make progress.

In the specific assignment, our goal is to deliver rapid, direct and effective effort.

Primarily, it is the business community that utilises our legal counselling and competencies, but we also help private individuals. Our goal is to create sustainable and long-term results for you and your company.


From our office in Aarhus, in the intersection between the sea and city, between tradition and development, we provide legal counselling to companies throughout Denmark within our four key areas – corporate law, agriculture, real estate and insolvency.

Team corporate and commercial

Team Corporate and Commercial at INTERLEX Advokater consists of attorneys who are solely involved in legal obligations related to corporate matters.

However, our goal is is not to only provide legal counsel – we expect more, as you will too. We provide strategic, dynamic and creative input that creates value for your company.

Team agriculture

Team Agriculture at INTERLEX Advokater is one of the country’s leading agriculture legal teams, dedicated to fighting in the interests of agriculture, regardless of the challenges that you may face as a farmer or landowner.

The team consists of competent and experienced attorneys, all of whom have extensive insight into, as well as an understanding of, the complex legal challenges that today’s farmers face.

Team real estate

Team Real Estate at INTERLEX Advokater is fully aware that the meaning of legal services differs according to the client in question.

For major project developers and contractors for example, matters  of the law can often be related to scaffolding. It is just a part of a bigger project. However, in situations when disputes emerge the legal case is often bound with emotions and the need for justice arises. Our attorneys are therefore highly experienced in every matter.

Team insolvency

Team Insolvency at INTERLEX Advokater is a market leader with a professionally strong profile and many years of experience in dealing with insolvency cases at all levels.

Insolvency cases are often affected by significant time constraints, but they require a calm and professional overview in order to find the correct solution. We have the necessary in depth specialist knowledge, a large network of financial companies and a broad range of additional in-house competencies.

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