• Agriculture
  • Compensation cases relating to agricultural contractual issues

At INTERLEX Advokater, we have extensive experience in conducting court cases relating to compensation in contractual issues within agriculture.

Have you some losses, which other are responsible for – it may be the delivery of a leaking slurry tank, deficient delivery of weaners or of agricultural machinery – or you have acquired an agricultural property, and it transpires it has some unexpected surprises, we can carry out an assessment of your case and organise the necessary legal steps to get the optimal solution for your specific case.

Our specialist knowledge, which covers most matters within agriculture, means that before the case is filed we can provide you with the best qualified estimation of the possibilities for covering your financial losses.

By choosing INTERLEX Advokater, you acquire an experienced counsellor, who in addition to the legal approach to the cases also includes the commercial and financial costs in its legal counselling to achieve the best possible handling of the specific case in balance with your expectations.

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