A company’s intellectual rights are today often among the company’s most important assets, and this is why as a company, you need to safeguard them.

IPL is often used as generic term for the rules that regulate the company’s intellectual rights, e.g. trademarks, domain names, brands, inventions, utility models and designs. Compared to yesteryear, today’s rules are more complicated and internationalised, which places major demands on companies.  Some rules have come about because of the EU treaty and will thus be derived from directives and provisions issued by the EU.

INTERLEX Advokater has extensive insight and experience in counselling clients with regard to the company’s intellectual rights, including preparing final strategies for the company’s protection of its intellectual property. We assist with, among other things: the registration of intellectual property, such as trademarks and designs, and we provide assistance with the monitoring of infringements. We also assist with the enforcement of our clients’ intellectual property rights by conducting legal cases and arbitration cases with regard to compensation and the discontinuation of prohibition.

We have extensive experience in the preparation of contracts in relation to the company’s intellectual property rights and in counselling in relation to contract negotiations, including for example, licence and dealer agreements.

Finally, we provide legal counselling with the transition of rights, including the implementation of due diligence relating to IPL in connection with the transfer of business.

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