When you employ an employee, there is always the potential risk that disputes may arise if the employment’s legal aspects are not handled legally. This applies to hiring, during the period of employment and not least, when there is a termination of employment.

The secure solution is to be ahead of any potential disputes and to forestall critical situations by dealing with the legal side of employment precisely.

INTERLEX Advokater has extensive expertise within employment and labour law, and can provide legal counselling will prevent potential incorrect interpretations and critical situations. With our experience, we can counsel private and public companies in relation to individual and collective employment law and civil servant law.

In relation to the public sector, our legal counselling covers the interplay between the special set of rules that applies to the public sector (the rules on consultation, proportionality and equality maxim) and the rules for the individual and collective basic agreement, based on employment law.

If a conflict arises between the parties in an employment matter, we participate in arbitration meetings and conduct cases at the civil court and other relevant labour forums.

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