“It’s stated in the contract” is a phrase that is often used by conflicting parties, and the different parties mean that they are the ones who are in the right – even when the interpretations are completely different. In other words, the text that is actually written in the contract that you sign is not unimportant.

We help you and your company during contract negotiations with both Danish and foreign parties. In a case where one or several parties operate abroad, we collaborate with foreign legal practices where it is necessary, so that we can ensure that all of the legal matters are in order.

The most widely used contracts cover areas that include: purchasing and sales, agent agreements and franchise agreements, leasing and renting, franchising, all public contracts, authorisations, commission agreements, etc. 

Despite the international movements that influence Danish contract law and in particular the pressure from American law, we endeavour to design a basis for a contract that is as short and as precise as possible. The aim is to avoid an unnecessarily complicated contract, which can be incorrectly interpreted, if you and your contract partner should end up disagreeing.

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