INTERLEX Advokater counsels business investors, sellers and purchasers of small, medium and large companies in Denmark and abroad.

The transfer of a business is often a complicated affair. Therefore, we split it into a number of phases, so you have the opportunity to consider the individual sub-decisions. We divide a transition into planning, structuring, implementation, re-structuring, generational change and due diligence.

We help as early as possible in the process, so that all of the conditions are clarified, right from the agreement phase to the actual implementation. Naturally, we involve financial advisers and accountants where we find this is necessary.

We ensure that all of the necessary legal documents are present and in order. This includes for example: the transition agreement, the prior due diligence examination, secrecy and non-disclosure agreements, exclusive agreements, collaboration agreements, shareholders’ agreements, other business legal documents, relevant documents for the authorities, for example, for the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency.

INTERLEX Advokater often helps investors in connection with contributing to a company when the transition takes place. It is important that we are involved from the very beginning, so that all of the matters are clarified before the agreement phase begins, so the actual subsequent transition can be implemented.

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